An exclusive industry focus matters.

Portico professionals have been involved in over 200 transactions for over 150 companies in the Information & Business Services/ Software industry.

Exclusive Industry Focus

The experience of Portico's professionals includes working relationships with the leading companies and prominent senior executives in six primary Information & Business Services/ Software sectors, as well as senior partners from the leading private equity and venture capital firms with an interest in this industry.

These sectors are largely technology-driven and often characterized by recurring revenue streams and high incremental margins. The Firm works across a wide range of investment opportunities, including venture stage, growth equity, buyouts and mergers & acquisitions.

B2B and B2C Information

B2B and B2C data, SaaS software and related services that leverage technology to generate, maintain and provide information, syndicated content, and database solutions

Risk Data and Compliance Software and Solutions

Services, SaaS software and data analytics enabling organizations to measure, manage, and mitigate risk by systematically applying layered data, technologies, analytics, and processes

Automotive Data and Software

Software, data and analytics solutions serving dealers, OEMs, vendors and other constituents in the automotive and broader transportation end markets

Sports, Health and Wellness

Data, analytics, software and services empowering on-field performance and off-field health and well-being

FinTech and Payments

Financial information services and SaaS software, including: Financial transaction and processing services (e.g. payments); Financial database services

Data and Analytics

Data and technology-enabled software and services to analyze data, including for sales, marketing and/or business management purposes